We provide affordable health care for acute minor illness and primary health care for our patients, making use of cost-effective, updated, quality equipments and materials. We aim to bridge the gap financially for patients who are in need of primary health care but cannot afford the basic General Practitioner fee, thus cater for patients of all socio-economic classes and those with or without medical aids

Since the inception of the practice, it has and continues to break down barriers in the nursing profession in South Africa as we are the first, Registered Nurse-led practice that renders the services we have (IV therapy, drawing blood, Phototherapy, taking samples, scheduling paediatric surgeries, weight management, rapid COVID-19 and HIV counseling and testing, etc) We take on a multidisciplinary approach (we work with nurses, medical and surgical specialists, physiologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, social workers, etc) hence achieving our mission of wholistic health. 

At Sister Basha Family Nursing Practice, we strive for the convenience of our patients using innovative and technological methods. We make use of virtual platforms allowing us to reach our patients who have a compromised immunity during the COVID-19 pandemic and who live in different provinces and countries. For patients who are within the vicinity of Cape Town and require physical interaction and cannot reach our practice, we offer house visits consultations and sessions

Our future goal we are steadily implementing is to create job opportunities for our Registered Nurses through our mobile clinic and building a paediatric hospital

Services we offer

  • Basic Consultation
  • Health screening
  • Breast examination, referral for a mammogram
  • Adult vaccination
  • Baby Clinic
  • Family Planning
  • Therapy
  • Weight loss program
  • Frail and Palliative Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Wound Care
  • Bloods and Swabs
  • IV therapy