Who we are

“The Legacy Program For Girls” (since 2010) is a non profit campaign which works with young girls in their senior phase of primary school and girls in high school. The program aims to encourage and stimulate academic excellence, provide welfare, impart awareness on sexual and reproductive health as well as expose and provide opportunities to young girls in the career fields of their interest.

There are currently over 600 girls who are registered under the program

The Beginnings

The Program began in 2010 under the parent organization, Women and Beyond (NPO: 089-826) as a campaign with the aim of educating girls about their general and reproductive health. The Program set out to visit schools in informal settlemnts, townships, villages and farms. Where support was present, such outreach programs were accompanied with donations of foods, toiletries, clothes and more. The program has grown over the years and has expanded its mission to include educating our girls on the importance of academics and the persuit of tertiary studies, and through the help of individuals, sponsors and mentors, we have initiated exposure programs where we would bring the girls into different work enviroments with the goal to assist them in making the choice of their prospect career

What we do

  1. Visit schools in informal settlements, townships, villages and farms
  2. Offer talks on academics, career guidance, general and reproductive health, etc
  3. Offer free counselling
  4. Provide shadowing in multiple careers
  5. Have mentors who provide guidance on academics and career options
  6. Outsource food, toiletry and stationary parcels

About the Legacy camp

Some of our goals for our camp has been:

  • Expose our girls to an alternate environment for a given amount of days
  • Have our girls engage in an peer friendly environment
  • Present to our girls mentors who are passionate about girl empowerment and have academic, personal and corporate experience to offer them
  • Implement talks and seminars on a plethora of topics ranging from health, hygiene, academics and more
  • Offer counselling and health screenings on-site

The Legacy Camp 2024

The program will host its 3rd annual Legacy Camp from 28th to 30th June. This initiative that began last year has aimed to bring a new element of individualistic and collaborative team building. Some of our objectives have been to expose the girls to a new environment that engages them intellectually and physically to encourage growth, viewing different perspectives, and shifting their mentality on life and career.

The Legacy Camp 2023

The Legacy program for girls hosted its 2nd annual camp from the 7th till the 9th of July.

The camp was hosted at Phillipskop Mountain Reserve just after Hermanus. The program entailed some sightseeing, workshops, skills development activities, hiking, webinars, and competitions. The girls got the opportunity to participate in important talks and engage in fun activities

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, donors, and pledgers for every contribution made towards our Legacy Camp. No matter the size of your donation/s, we were able to pull off a successful and beneficial project that has certainly left its mark on the girls who’ve attended. To check out our testimonial, you can visit our Instagram page.

The Legacy Camp 2022

From the 21st until the 24th of July, the practice CSI launched its first annual Legacy Camp. We hosted well over 40 girls registered on our program to a farm house in the beautiful Pletteneberg Bay. Throughout the camp our program consisted of individual and team building excesses, online and on-site seminars from our mentors and Legacy champs, outdoor activities and more. The camp is one of our many ways we giveback to the community by taking a select group of girls from disadvantaged backgrounds (and who are registered on our Legacy Program) and we bring them into an environment where we facilitate all our projects.

The practice would like to extend its special thanks to those who have contributed to The Legacy Camp in any way, shape or form. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Tebelo Community Development for our partnership in order to make this camp possible. It is through collaborated effort that we can continue to make a difference.

Inspiring 50 South Africa Partnership

Inspiring50 SA has partnered with The Legacy Program for Girls in preparation for our annual Marang – Hope Heals Seminar event. We are elated to partner with a prestigious organization, with the goal to create a fun, successful and eventful seminar where our girls will spend the easter time with their Legacy Family (Other Legacy girls, mentors and guest speakers)

How you can help

In order to run the program succesfully we need the following:

  • Funding for our Marang – Hope Heals event on the 23rd of July 2022, hosted in Cape Town
    • Traveling costs for some of The Legacy girls to attend the seminar
  • Travelling and fuel costs for outreach school projects
  • Telecoms
  • Donations of toiletries, sanitary towels and non perishable food items for outreach school projects

Here is a link below. A minimum of R50,00 towards our Program will make a difference.


We thank you for your support in advance