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Corporate Social Investment

About Sister Basha CSI

Sister Basha CSI (formally known as Women and Beyond) is a non profit organisation that began thirteen years ago in 2007. We offer medical and surgical support to children from disadvantaged communities and backgrounds. These are cases of children who are in need of medical/surgical intervention who can not afford to be put on waiting lists at government medical institutions in some cases and can not afford private care.

How you can partner with us

Partner with us in our aim to help those in need! We also collect food, clothes and monetary donations and distribute them to our CSI cases.

Apart from monetary donations, you can donate:

  • food items (non perishables)
  • clothes/shoes
  • baby items (nappies, formula, clothes, etc)
  • monetary pledges
  • Toiletries

The aforementioned donation options go towards the children we help aid through our CSI program. A portion of every patient’s consultation fee at the medical practice will be going towards our CSI cases involving children who will be in need of medical and surgical intervention and are coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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2020 Year Accomplishments

In the 2020 year, SisterBasha Medical Practice had successfully facilitated 35 medical/surgical cases. Our team at SisterBasha Medical Practice outsourced specialists, medical equipment/prosthesis, etc and funds/sponsorships to execute these cases. Our Registered Nurses and Social Workers conduct a full psycho-social evaluation for each case for SisterBasha Medical Practice.

Other CSI divisions

The new division for SisterBasha Pty (Ltd) CSI will provide services such as school outreaches, fundraising projects, facilitating medical and surgical cases, etc.

The Legacy Program for Girls

The Legacy Program will now incorporate school-going girls with school outreaches where health education, mental health talks, and screenings will be performed at schools in disadvantaged areas/communities.

Marang Hope Heals Campaign

“Marang Hope Heals” is a new campaign that aims to raise awareness of children living with special needs and the surrounding socio-economic and health obstacles. Our objective in raising awareness of the various types of childhood disabilities and the obstacles encompassing it is to bring about health education in society and to raise capital that would go towards funding our social welfare program in order to aid such children


Director: Rev. Sr. Basha Tlhapane-Taylor

National Senior Coordinator

  • Mrs Thabisa Rangana
  • Ashleigh du Preez

Social Worker

  • Dr Goitseone Leburu-Masigo

Resident Medical Doctor

  • Dr Cleopatra Mshumpela

Professional Nurse

  • Sr. Thuto-Entle Jood


  • Ms Lieselle Marais

Thank you for your support

Email us to arrange drop-offs or collections of donations on

Social Media Handles:

Insrtagram and Twitter: @sisterbashacsi

Facebook: Sister Basha CSI


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