Choose Wholistic Health with Sister Basha

Practice Hours

Practice hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday (Mom and Baby clinic)
  • Thursday to Friday from 9am-9pm (Table View rooms)
  • Saturday from 9am – 1pm (Welchedacht rooms)

Admin hours: Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm

House calls/Corporate services: Subject to appointment and scheduling

Services we offer

  1. Health education
  2. Family Planning and Pap smear
  3. Basic health screening (BP, HGT, SATS, Cholesterol, Urinalysis, and lifestyle report)
  4. Online/Room therapy (individual, teen and couple’s therapy)
  5. Breast examination
  6. Adult vaccination
  7. Weight managment program
  8. Frail Care
  9. Rehabilitation
  10. Palliative Care
  11. Wound Care
  12. Specimen collection (swabs, bloods, sputum, urine, etc)
  13. IV therapy

Patients we work with

  • Paediatrics and Adolescents
  • Young and mature adults
  • Geriatrics

Our diagnostic partners